Hello my fellow weight loss enthusiasts,

First week of Keto and 2 a day gym visits is in the bag. Super sore this week but managed to get up early at 4:30am each morning for my fasting cardio on the treadmill. Also pumped out 3 arm days and 2 leg days this week.  18:6 fast was / is no problem at all. I am definitely ready to eat in the morning, but am stuffed most of the day. Not even eating my calories because I am so full. In my opinion, intermittent fasting is the way to go!! Give it a try you guys. Here are a couple of pics from the gym this week.

2.65 approx each morning doing fasted cardio. Only 2.5 mph.

Hitting the ropes @anytimefitness!

And of course the stats:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 280.9 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight loss to date: 24.8 lbs

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln

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