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So not much to update this week outside of the weight loss stats, but I did want to make some comments. I thought we should talk about some things that you can eat on the ketogenic “diet”. But before we get into that, there is something I want to bring up to my followers that have a large amount of weight to lose — or any weight for that matter. The macro percentages…typically:

are really more like guidelines. This is the important information I have come to understand about them over the last 3 weeks or so. You NEED to stay below your daily carb limit. Some people can do well having a higher limit, but for super obese people like me – I suggest 20 to 25 carbs. Many people will state that this is “net” carbs (carbs – fiber) and this is totally acceptable. I have heard that you really only need to stay below 50 total carbs to stay in Ketosis. I have decided to stick with 25 total carbs (regardless of the net value). I plan on getting most of these carbs from no / low starchy vegetables. But you guys “do you” and what works best for your body and more importantly your mind.

Your daily fat totals is more like a “limit”, just like the carbs. While this is a high fat, low carb diet, does not mean you need to be adding all kinds of extra fats into your diet. Just get the good fats from what you are eating: Cheese, Avocados, eggs, bacon, etc. No need to add extra fats, or go out of your way to eat the fats (exception may be to add MCT oil to your diet). If you are obese or want to lose body fat, if you eat extra fat your body will burn that first. If you eat a little less fat, that means your body will start to burn your stored body fat for energy. Isn’t that what we are all trying to accomplish anyway?

Finally: protein is a target that you NEED to strive for each day. The protein intake will keep your muscle tissue from being consumed for fuel instead of the fat. This is where the keto calculator comes into play. Update you macros after any significant weight loss and whenever your activity level starts to increase. There is a protein range to hit. You do not need to go overboard now on your protein intake, but do strive to hit your target daily. I know a lot of people can have a hard time with getting in their carbs. Maybe you do not like meat much or eggs. There are other sources of protein as well: plant protein, hard cheeses, tuna, mushrooms, or if necessary protein powders. I would also like to suggest you start adding in Bone Broth to your diets. They are also a great source of protein and a slew of other beneficial properties.

So here is a great little image about the typical things we eat with a Keto Lifestyle

This is one of my favorite images of all time — rethinking the American Standard Diet Pyramid!

So, on to this weeks stats:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 285.1 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight loss to date: 20.6 lbs

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