Hello fellow weight loss enthusiasts it is day one of my weight loss journey. My plan is to begin a Keto lifestyle (LCHF) “diet” and restricting to around 20 “net” carbs. I am 5’10” and my starting weight is 305.8 lbs with my body fat, according to my Aria scale, being 48.1%. My ultimate goal weight is to be 185 “fit” lbs. According to this Keto calculator these are the macros I need to follow with a BMR of 2264: 1800 calories (28% deficit) | Carbs 25g | Protein 128g | Fat 132g. Here are my starting “before” pics (no laughing). — Can’t seem to get that bottom pic to rotate?? Go figure.

So the starting stats include:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 305.7 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight loss to date: 0 lbs


Chest: 54″ | Waist: 56.5″ | Biceps: 16″

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln

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