Hello my fellow weight loss enthusiasts,

It is day “30” — Woot Woot. What a crazy up and down month I have had for my first month living the Keto Lifestyle. Not going to lie, I had one weekend with a whole lot of “cheating”. I just dusted myself off and began again. Oddly enough whatever weight I gained came right back off. I did eat out a few times as well. But on those instances, I ate Keto totally. So easy to do, just order protein and veggies. Can’t wait to see what my numbers are for the month. My short term goal is / was to hit 275 lbs by September 15th, and I think I am on track to hit that goal. Since I am starting to have a lot more energy, I have also decided to start September off with hitting the gym. I am going to be doing 2 a days at my local Anytime Fitness since it will fit into my schedule rather nicely. I will be doing fasting cardio in the morning and hitting the weights in the afternoon (think 5am and 5pm). M-W-F will be arm days, and T-R will be leg days along with the treadmill every morning. I am just going to be walking on the treadmill for around 1 hour each morning mostly because my knees and legs are not ready for the running part.

So I mention fasting cardio earlier. Well, I tried a couple of fasting days throughout August with my longest being just over 40 hours. The fit perfectly into what I was doing and I wasn’t even really hungry during those times. I have decided to do 18 hours of fasting with a 6 hour eating window (18:6). My eating window is going to be 7am to 1pm with my cardio workouts just before at 5am. Can’t wait to see how I feel doing this.

Let’s look at all those wonderful foods again:

5 things I learned about doing Keto these last 30 days:

1. Drink water, drink water, then drink somemore water!!

2. Track everything using My Fitness Pal (or your app of choice) until you truely get it.

3. Don’t obsess over the macros. Carbs and Fat is a limit, protein is a goal (my opinion of course).

4. Use a multivitamin, salt your food with sea salt / himilayan, get your electrolytes in.

5. Meal prep makes life a lot easier.

Now on to what we all want to see, the stats:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 284.2 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight lost to date: 21.5 lbs

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln

Hello fellow weight loss enthusiasts,

So not much to update this week outside of the weight loss stats, but I did want to make some comments. I thought we should talk about some things that you can eat on the ketogenic “diet”. But before we get into that, there is something I want to bring up to my followers that have a large amount of weight to lose — or any weight for that matter. The macro percentages…typically:

are really more like guidelines. This is the important information I have come to understand about them over the last 3 weeks or so. You NEED to stay below your daily carb limit. Some people can do well having a higher limit, but for super obese people like me – I suggest 20 to 25 carbs. Many people will state that this is “net” carbs (carbs – fiber) and this is totally acceptable. I have heard that you really only need to stay below 50 total carbs to stay in Ketosis. I have decided to stick with 25 total carbs (regardless of the net value). I plan on getting most of these carbs from no / low starchy vegetables. But you guys “do you” and what works best for your body and more importantly your mind.

Your daily fat totals is more like a “limit”, just like the carbs. While this is a high fat, low carb diet, does not mean you need to be adding all kinds of extra fats into your diet. Just get the good fats from what you are eating: Cheese, Avocados, eggs, bacon, etc. No need to add extra fats, or go out of your way to eat the fats (exception may be to add MCT oil to your diet). If you are obese or want to lose body fat, if you eat extra fat your body will burn that first. If you eat a little less fat, that means your body will start to burn your stored body fat for energy. Isn’t that what we are all trying to accomplish anyway?

Finally: protein is a target that you NEED to strive for each day. The protein intake will keep your muscle tissue from being consumed for fuel instead of the fat. This is where the keto calculator comes into play. Update you macros after any significant weight loss and whenever your activity level starts to increase. There is a protein range to hit. You do not need to go overboard now on your protein intake, but do strive to hit your target daily. I know a lot of people can have a hard time with getting in their carbs. Maybe you do not like meat much or eggs. There are other sources of protein as well: plant protein, hard cheeses, tuna, mushrooms, or if necessary protein powders. I would also like to suggest you start adding in Bone Broth to your diets. They are also a great source of protein and a slew of other beneficial properties.

So here is a great little image about the typical things we eat with a Keto Lifestyle

This is one of my favorite images of all time — rethinking the American Standard Diet Pyramid!

So, on to this weeks stats:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 285.1 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight loss to date: 20.6 lbs

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln

Well, 17 days into my weight loss journey and I am feeling much better as a participant in the Keto lifestyle. I no longer have any sugar or carb cravings, but I still have some issues I need to work on mentally. First off, I am having a hard time with drinking just plain water. I still revert to my mainstay of Diet Soda a lot, which I know is a huge problem. I have been researching possibly putting in some “MIO” type drops or something similar, but I want to try and stay away from sugar alcohols as well. My second problem is still the night time desire to eat which I know is just from “boredom” so I have been kicking that in the butt. It is also a little hard when my teenagers and my wife decide they want to eat KFC or Pizza – which we have done multiple times over the years. That’s how I got in this mess in the first place. But I am now committed full force on this Keto Lifestyle, and I am considering adding more fitness to my days in the near future. Anyway…on to the stats.

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 290.5 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total Weight Lost to date: 15.2 lbs

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln

HERE IS MY MOTIVATION GOAL PICTURE — I could look like this someday 🙂

Hello my fellow weight loss enthusiasts,

I wanted to give you all a heads up after about 10 days of my change to a Keto Lifestyle. I had a little bit of rough time in first few days breaking the sugar addiction I guess. I had some headaches for a couple of days as well. I now feel a whole lot better 🙂 — weight loss has been super steady the whole 10 days. I know I am a man and fat so all the water weight is dropping off in the beginning, but it is still a motivator in some ways. I did a ton of research before starting this diet as I am sure most people do and I haven’t stopped. I am constantly looking on Youtube and Google for more information as well as Instagram pages for more inspiration (@Josephdpaquette). These body transformations that I am seeing are amazing, both the men and the women.

As far as the food goes, I am starting to eat / like some things I would never eat before: mainly Avocado (guacamole). I am eating a lot of leafy green vegetables (Kale, Spinach), Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Asparagus. The protein is pretty easy for me as I love me some meats. I am eating Bacon of course, Beef, Pork, Chicken (mostly dark meat), and Salmon. The fats I am consuming include hard cheeses, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Ghee, Olives, and Avocados of course. Overall, I am stay pretty satiated and just having to control the night time boredom and standing in from of the fridge looking for some snacks.

Starting Weight: 305.7 lbs | Current Weight: 294 lbs | Total Weight Loss: 11.7 lbs

Here are a couple of pics of my meals:

~ “I May Walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward” – Abraham Lincoln

Hello fellow weight loss enthusiasts it is day one of my weight loss journey. My plan is to begin a Keto lifestyle (LCHF) “diet” and restricting to around 20 “net” carbs. I am 5’10” and my starting weight is 305.8 lbs with my body fat, according to my Aria scale, being 48.1%. My ultimate goal weight is to be 185 “fit” lbs. According to this Keto calculator these are the macros I need to follow with a BMR of 2264: 1800 calories (28% deficit) | Carbs 25g | Protein 128g | Fat 132g. Here are my starting “before” pics (no laughing). — Can’t seem to get that bottom pic to rotate?? Go figure.

So the starting stats include:

SW: 305.7 lbs | CW: 305.7 lbs | GW: 185 lbs | Total weight loss to date: 0 lbs


Chest: 54″ | Waist: 56.5″ | Biceps: 16″

Instagram: @josephdpaquette

“I may walk slowly, but I never walk backward!” – Abraham Lincoln